The Band

Our Band

The Center State’s full length sophomore album will be released in late April 2018, featuring the song “Sunrise” which was co-written with Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer, and Stephen Wilson of Curb Records.

We are part acoustic pop music, part troubadour with a silky lament, and one part organic Americana.

If you like: Nickel Creek, Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, Jack Johnson, Sarah Jarosz, Jon Foreman, The Lone Bellow.

The Center State has shared the stage with artists, such as Matthew West, Paul Clark, Sky Smead, Nick Africano, The Social Animals, and Jessica Paige.

Who are we?

Well we are comprised of 3 core members of the group with many great supporting friends that bring our music to life.  Let me introduce you.

Jeremy Sharp–  The old man of the group, driven with a passion for writing, recording, and performing music, and a great love for friends and family.   Typically the person driving the band vehicle and keeping most things heading in a direction.  Whether it’s the right direction is yet to be determined.  He plays acoustic guitar/ and sings.




Brad Davidson–  This is the level headed man of the group.  Always having a keen eye for details.  He’s a scientist as well!  One of the smartest guys in the band.  Married to McKenzie, they are a perfect compliment to each other.  Brad plays the upright bass and sings.





McKenzie Davidson–  She is the most heartfelt of us all.  Full of passion and generosity. She brings style to the band and keeps us grounded in why we do what we do.  McKenzie plays the violin and sings.

Our Wonderful Supporting Cast!

Stephen Chambers–  He is our go to mandolin player.  Longtime friend of Jeremy Sharp, Stephen is a seasoned musician playing music for most of his adult life.  He’s taken up mandolin just for The Center State and we very much appreciate him for doing so.




Alex Moorehead–  He is our utility musician. When we need a drummer he steps in and nails it, when we need a piano and keys player, he’s there for that as well.  Alex is McKenzies little brother who is pursuing a college degree, and with the rest of his time he comes and supports us.




Shawn Landers–  He is our studio drummer who has helped us many times with creating an interesting rhythm soundscape to support most of the songs on the “Wilderness” album.  He has played live with us, but he also has a couple projects that he is working on as well.